Discover the colourful devices adorning
the new N° 41 shape.

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on porcelain

The breezy colour of the Stripes pattern taps the creativity of the 19th century to spawn a new design classic. Every one of the service’s 28 pieces bears palpable witness to this.

Coffee & tea

The pattern

Elegance all
along the line

These special devices spent almost 200 years waiting to be discovered in the Meissen Manufactory archives: they have now found their place in the new Stripes pattern, an elegantly severe Classicist scheme that combines rays, stripes and lines with brilliant colours.

The pattern

For that special
outlook on life

Stripes symbolises a breezily urbane lifestyle with its clean, linear design.


every day

The Stripes pattern is geared towards the aspirations of all those living wholly in the here and now; its unique elegance is further enhanced by a wide range of mix-and-match options as well as excellent practical credentials.

The cups and plates in the service can be combined individually as they are the same size.

The service is dishwasher-safe.

All items are stackable.

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The shape

N° 41
united in shape

A total of four distinctive patterns take the stage on the modern new MEISSEN N° 41 shape. What do they have in common? A centuries-old tradition, unsurpassed quality and the timeless, clean-lined N° 41 design.

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