Discover the new MEISSEN® pattern
on the new N° 41 shape.

The products

A tribute to
Europe’s oldest trademark

The crossed swords have come to epitomise MEISSEN® over the centuries. Now, for the first time, the cobalt-blue trademark has been incorporated into a fully-fledged design, a tribute to the Manufactory’s rich tradition on 43 separate items in the Swords service.

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The pattern

Crossed swords
in a new guise

The crossed swords of MEISSEN® have been a byword for top quality and excellent craftsmanship for well nigh three centuries. For the first time, Europe’s oldest and most renowned trademark is now appearing as a pattern in its own right on the modern new No° 41 shape..

The pattern


Whether in luxurious gilt or elegant grey, each piece pays homage to an incomparable brand.


for any occasion

The crossed swords of MEISSEN® are a byword for top quality and excellent craftsmanship. Appearing in their own right as the Swords pattern, they will crown any table laid for whatever occasion.

The cups and plates in the service can be combined individually as they are the same size.

The service is dishwasher-safe.

All items are stackable.

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variety of MEISSEN®!

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The shape

N° 41
united in shape

A total of four distinctive patterns take the stage on the modern new MEISSEN N° 41 shape. What do they have in common? A centuries-old tradition, unsurpassed quality and the timeless, clean-lined N° 41 design.

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